Created by Teresa M. Treiger and Ellen Fink-Samnick, the COLLABORATE© model emphasizes high quality and cost-effective health care and mandates the adoption of competency-based practice tied to individual and department performance impacting  an organization’s bottom line.
COLLABORATE© provides the framework for the professional case manager to incorporate a competency-based practice on a daily basis.
COLLABORATE© defines categories of competence, which drive positive outcomes for the patient, organization, and – most importantly – for the case management professional seeking to improve his/her level of practice excellence.
The ultimate focus of case management is to improve the client’s health care experience and quality of life. COLLABORATE© facilitates this expectation, raising the professional profile of case management through the promotion of outcome-driven relationships across the entire care team. This advanced model defines professional practice and unifies the essential knowledge, skills, and characteristics necessary for contributing value in virtually all care settings.
This text is presented in four sections:
Section 1: Historical validation and paradigm rationale;
Section 2: Presentation of COLLABORATE© competencies;
Section 3: Practical application for the individual and organization;
Epilogue: A look to the future of case management practice.
COLLABORATE© provides the momentum for all stakeholders to shift away from the past task-driven approach and advance into the realm of professional case management practice, which is universally recognized as an outcomes-driven profession.
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