No Hostage to Fear

The massacre in Las Vegas is a horrible tragic event. I mourn the senseless loss of innocent lives taken by a nobody. Thousands of lives will forever be affected by the events which transpired at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

I’m speaking at the AAMCN conference at Mandalay Bay in three weeks. But you know what? I never considered not fulfilling my agreement. I will not change my plans to attend and speak at this event.

I will not live my life in fear of a nobody schlump who “just snapped” for no reason or a zealously crazed terrorist. None of us should ever bow to the insanity that happens all too often these days. None of us should become desensitized to murderous violence. When we do, we lose our own sense of humanity and become collateral victims of it.

Stand up and do something to honor the lives lost and affected by this tragedy. My very small part is to refuse to change my plans to speak at this event.

Do your part and refuse to be held hostage by fear or the nobody schlumps and crazed terrorists win.

This is still America!