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Ellen Fink-Samnick and I are humbled by the response to COLLABORATE for Professional Case Management: A Universal Competency-Based Paradigm. These are just three examples of the feedback we are receiving about …

“Case management and interprofessional collaboration and cooperation have recently become integral to care delivery regardless of the healthcare setting. These have proven to add value to the consumer of healthcare services and to the professionals responsible for care provision. despite the popularity of case management, involved care providers continue to learn what case management is on-the-job. The authors of COLLABORATE have done an excellent job in sharing their collective practical knowledge, wisdom, and experience in an easy to read and apply textbook that can be used by the diverse healthcare and case management professionals. This textbook highlights the essential aspects of the fundamental structure, processes, and outcomes characteristics of case management practice; its history and roots; and its relationships to care coordination and transitions of care. COLLABORATE also provides a competency-based approach to the development of the case manager’s role; a topic that is not commonly deliberated in the literature. The list of competencies addressed in COLLABORATE is comprehensive and the practical tools shared on each competency makes their applicability in practice easily manageable.

COLLABORATE succeeds in offering a “go to” guide to case managers and other healthcare professionals interested in or are struggling with the practice. The value of this textbook is broad; it is essential for academic programs which aim to prepare future case managers. It also is equally important in the practice settings – use for orientation of those new to the role, in that it assists case managers in acquiring necessary knowledge, skills and competencies for better patient care outcomes. Additionally, it is a MUST read for case management leaders who may be struggling in transforming or advancing their programs. Without a doubt COLLABORATE supports the professional practice of case managers and their colleagues – the various members of the interprofessional healthcare teams. Congratulations to these trusted and credible authors for delivering a textbook that is a MUST HAVE for any case manager for years to come!”

Hussein M. Tahan, PhD, RN
Case Management Author, Researcher, Evaluator, and Consultant

“The collaboration between Teresa and Ellen to provide us with such a tremendous framework for case management structure is the best I have had the privilege to be exposed to and read.

This is a wonderful book to hand someone when they approach you and ask, “Now exactly what is Case Management and how does it work?”

Joint communication and decision-making processes with the goal of satisfying the health care needs of a target population is true collaboration. Our health care system is finally coming to the realization that better quality patient care and desired outcomes are achieved by the contribution and collaboration of the entire team within a patient’s healthcare circle.

All healthcare providers, whether they are physicians, specialists, therapists, social workers, clinic nurses, home health nurses, IP facility nurses, case managers or our BH providers, are learning that there should not be any hierarchy within our collaborative team for the member to succeed and meet their goals. We are all equally accountable for our patients to meet their desirable outcomes.

This book is an excellent guide/resource for new case managers learning about there challenging new roles or for the mature case manager that is tasked with growing their knowledge of the every changing healthcare system we have today.
This book is not only for individuals but for markets that are building a case management department. That is how detailed the information and resources are in this book.”

Amazon Customer

“This is an amazing book for case management professionals and especially for case management leaders. There is an excellent review of the history of case management and a deep analysis of the many aspects of case management. There are abundant references and case scenarios throughout each chapter.

For those starting in case management, this book may be a bit too in depth but as one’s experience increases with increasing responsibilities and leadership roles, this book must be read.”

Amazon Customer

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