Case Management Professionalism


I recently presented at Dorland’s Care Coordination Summit with my colleague Ellen Fink-Samnick. The focus of our session was Professionalism: The Integral Competency For Case Management Success.  I really got charged up by the energy in the room and received very positive feedback from those in attendance. There were quite a few heads nodding in agreement with our observations about the case management industry and how we now find ourselves at a health care crossroads.

We addressed a few of the influences on case management that contribute to our current state of practice, such as:

  • Reasons why individuals enter into case management (convenience or necessity rather than an actual desire to pursue a career path of being a professional case manager)
  • Variation in educational preparation of case managers, both degree level and discipline
  • The fact that there is no specific formal/higher educational preparation for entering into case management
  • The unfortunate lack of employer support for education, training, certification, career ladder
  • Job preparation that focuses more on using the information system than establishing a consistent process for performing case management
  • The mistaken assumption that because someone has a clinical degree they will be able to perform as a case manager
  • The lack of title protection for using the label “case manager” and the resulting misuse of the job title for jobs that do not encompass the full scope of case management responsibilities
  • The practice of brand-naming case management positions with catchy titles more reflective of marketing than of professional accuracy

So with all of the apparent recognition of these (and other) factors influencing case management today…. what is holding us back from addressing them?

That question is the focus of the next few entries for this blog.  But first, it is important to get validation as to what CM professionals believe to be restraining factors on their practice so to that point, a survey is now open (ending June 7, 2013) at: This is a nine (9) question survey and your participation is welcomed!  Participants are eligible for an Amazon gift card to be given at the close of the survey.

Thank you!

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