Ascent Care Man…

Ascent Care Management, LLC is a case management consulting company.

Ascent provides a wide range of services in support of high quality care management. Formed in 2009 following years of corporate and practice management experience, Ascent combines expertise and experience to develop meaningful solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Ascent provides consultative services related to case management in hospital, payor, and medical group practice settings to align case management practice within the framework of the patient-centered primary care home / Accountable Care Organization rubric. We enhance quality through alignment with healthcare regulations and accreditation standards to deliver cost-reducing care management strategies.

So what is the blog for?

The desire is to provide unfiltered information as to what case management really is… and what it is not.  So much attention is being showered on case management as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that it seems everyone has put a stake in the ground as to their territory. . . unfortunately a large number of these sources simply seem to be jumping on the care coordination bandwagon because it is the latest buzz in the healthcare industry.

There is also the matter of organizations using — or should I say misusing — the title of “Case Manager”.  Heck, even I get dizzy looking at all of the current iterations that claim case management as answer, when it is not case management that is being performed. Sadly, this has become a major source of confusion for our valued clients and potential clients, who just don’t understand what is really involved in being a case manager.

The blog will also take a look at the core functions and competencies of what real case management is about in terms of professional and collaborative practice across the healthcare continuum.

Finally, the topic of case managers themselves… who we are, why we got into case management to begin with, and how we can take better care of ourselves as more and more demand is heaped upon us.  Believe me, if we don’t take care of ourselves and eachother, there isn’t a line forming of those who are willing to step up and do it.

So, lofty goals – perhaps. Worthy ones – definitely!

Stay tuned… this promises to be an interesting journey.

Now, get out there and constructively collaborate!

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